human interest

Short Story based on Lips of an Angel

Phone’s ringing. I come to a semi state of consciousness. Phone is ringing. I reach over and grab it. It’s her. I don’t know what time it is but I know I’ve been asleep for awhile. It must be late. Why is she calling? I answer, “Hello?”




What the fuck?

I roll out of my girlfriend’s arms and grab my phone. I walk through our apartment and say again, “Hello?”

More sobs. More breathing. Finally, “Aaron?”


“Why do we hate each other?”


“I’m drunk.”

“Honey, why are you calling me?”

“I miss you.”

“Where’s Marcus?”


“Stevie, what’s going on?”

“I’m getting married in 2 weeks.”


“I needed to know if you care.”


“Aaron, do you want me to marry someone else?”

“Honey, I haven’t talked to you for 2 years. Why are you asking?”

“I thought you’d care.”

“I do care. I want you to be happy. Do you love him?

“Of course I love him.”

“Then, honey, marry him?”

“You’re an asshole.”


“You’re an asshole?>”

“Stevie, you called me. You called me in the middle of the night to tell me you’re getting married to a man you fucking love. You woke me up from a warm bed where I was with a woman I love. Why the fuck are you calling me. What do you want?

“I always thought it would be us.”

“Honey, you ended it. You told me you didn’t want me and my life. You were it for me. I told you that. You said it wasn’t enough.”

“I was sick of doubting. I couldn’t live with waking up every morning with the tabloids telling me what you were up to. I told you that.”

“And I told you that you needed to trust me. The fact you couldn’t after everything I said and did, never giving you any reason to doubt me, was reason enough that we couldn’t be together,”

“I shouldn’t have called,”

“No. you shouldn’t have.”

Why is my pulse racing? I don’t want her to hang up. I go to the fridge and grab a beer, I’m not going to analyze why but I know I need to keep the conversation going.

“How’s Sarah?”


“How’s your sister?”

“Really? Sarah’s good. She married Brady. They have a 6 month old daughter,”

“I’m happy for them.”

“Me too. Celia is beautiful. I love spending time with her. My parents miss you, you know. They watch the entertainment networks to get their updates. They always tell people, “we know him.” They don’t talk about how they know you.

“I think most of their friends know how they know me, Stevie.”

“I’m sorry, Aaron.”

“I’m sorry too, honey. I’ve got a show tomorrow and I hear Tara waking up. Marry Marcus, make babies. Have a good life. I really want that for you. Let’s just say we were bad timing”

“Goodnight, Aaron.”

“Goodnight, Stevie.”

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